Privacy Policy

Privacy policies are so important factor in online services. Go through with our policies to get a complete overview of the process and reason behind the collection of data from the users. We are assuring every user that the data from the user side is only for providing effective support services only.

Type of information we are collecting

The information-gathering includes both official and personal information. We collect the user’s name, email, and password credentials to provide them device activation support only. The official information is the credit card and payment information for the transaction purposes only. For long term subscribers, if any other payment transaction is possible in the future, we will use the same payment method and other information.


As mentioned earlier, from our side the collected user data will not be manipulated at any cost. In case, if any data threat is happening on our site by the third parties, we are not solely responsible for that issue. In the meantime, we will take adverse legal actions over the cause of the issue.


In the first place, cookies are only providing on the sites with the objective of improving the services only. We are also following the same policy and by enabling cookies on our site. The user can get an effective solution for every search on the site with cookies. It is solely the user’s wish to accept and turn off the cookies for our site.

Copyright regulations

The device specifications and other setup information on the site are only for the informational purpose only. The respective one will punishable by legal actions if our site information is found to be plagiarized or used for any other personal use.