Terms and Conditions


Refer to all the terms and conditions that we have mentioned on our webpage before accessing our services. Privacy policies are the most integral part of the terms & conditions, and it defines the legal points and methods we are following to collect data from the user side.

Our services

Our only objective is to offer easy solutions for the users who are rummaging around to rectify the errors they are facing. We offer quality support regarding the streaming devices setup, installation and troubleshooting other miscellaneous errors, etc.

Judicial law and regulations

In case of any threats, all the actions are taken by following the proper laws and regulations.  We assure that we will not share the user data with anyone. In needed situations only, the user data will be handed over to the respective authorities. And that too after giving prior notice to the respective user.

We are not responsible for any threats from third parties. Further, we don’t recommend our users not to follow any information or commands furnished on our site by any other third parties.

Chargeback policies

To unsubscribe our support services, cancel any long-term subscription and also for money refunds, the respective user should follow all our chargeback policies